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Fitzpatrick & Associates has been handling workers’ compensation cases in Boston, MA for over fifteen years. Workers’ compensation in Massachusetts is primarily a wage replacement system. If somebody has a workplace injury or illness and they’re unable to work, it provides a percentage of somebody’s average weekly wage and that percentage is taken tax-free. The percentage varies relative to the extent of disability somebody has. Also, some clients may have more than one job in certain cases, and you can also put that number into the average weekly wage to increase the weekly benefit.

We’ll carefully examine the many factors that may come into play in your particular circumstances, and we’ll use our findings and your evidence in our effort to build a case that is designed to protect your rights.

When you need a lawyer in Boston who will provide you with legal guidance for your lawsuit or who can answer difficult questions that pertain to law, contact Fitzpatrick & Associates in Boston. We have over 15 years of experience, and we’re a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Along with his law degree, Mr. Fitzpatrick has a degree in biology, which allows him to understand the science behind your injuries and help get you the benefits you are entitled to. Call us today, and we’ll set up a free consultation for you.

About the Firm

Fitzpatrick & Associates has been handling workers’ compensation cases in Massachusetts for over fifteen years. Mr. Fitzpatrick earned his undergraduate degree in Biology, with the intentions of being a doctor. Upon a career change, but still wanting to utilize the anatomy learned from the degree, he chose to pursue a career as an attorney helping injured people. He is able utilize his biology degree as a workers’ comp attorney because it’s a system of bodily injuries and illnesses that arise out of the course of someone’s employment.

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