Workers Compensation

Is Diabetes a Disability?

Wondering if you’re eligible for social security disability benefits if you suffer from diabetes? Understand the guidelines and is diabetes a disability? If you’re a diabetic, you understand all too well the frustrating limitations diabetes created. The Social Security Agency puts diabetes under endocrine conditions in their Blue Book, a book that lists all conditions that qualify… Read more

7 Basic Facts About Workers’ Compensation Claims Everyone Should Know

How well do you understand the process of workers’ compensation? Make sure you know these important facts on workers’ compensation claims. As a worker or employee of your company, you have certain rights that you may not be entirely aware of. Even if you’re aware of certain rights that you have, it’s just as crucial… Read more

Which Industries Generate the Most Workers’ Comp Claims?

Workers’ compensation is present in most areas of work, but certain industries tend to generate more workers’ comp claims than others! Learn more here. According to the latest research from the Social Security Administration (SSA), worker’s compensation laws for state and federal workers cover more than 135 million employees. These covered workers received a collective… Read more

Can I Lose My Health Insurance While Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Sadly, you might lose employer sponsored health insurance coverage while you receive workers’ compensation benefits. Massachusetts state law protects injured workers from any retaliation they might face simply because they exercised their right to file a workers’ compensation claim, however it does not provide general protection to ensure that they will be able to maintain… Read more