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Our Massachusetts car accident lawyers services can help you get the maximum settlement in the shortest amount of time and here’s how.

We will start to work on your case immediately. Our attorneys will contact your insurance company, complete and submit the necessary paperwork to get your medical bills, lost wages and related expenses paid. We will identify any responsible parties and put their insurance company on notice of your claim for personal injury. We will take the time to explain the process to you and keep you informed along the way. The sooner you hire a Massachusetts car accident lawyer the better your chances for maximum recovery. Often, time is of the essence to identify and obtain statements from witnesses, preserve evidence and investigate the scene of the accident.

For more than ten years we have successfully helped the driver, passenger and pedestrian victims of car accidents in Massachusetts settle their cases. We only get paid if you win. This means you never pay out of pocket for our services and we advance all costs of pursuing your case. Contact us today for a free no obligation case evaluation by clicking here, or call us at 617-825-0965 to speak with a Massachusetts car accident lawyer.


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You are entitled to no fault benefits from your insurance company.

Under a Massachusetts PIP claim you may receive payment for expenses or losses incurred within two (2) years of your car accident up to $8,000.00 including:

  • Medical bills that are reasonable and necessary to your injuries.
  • 75% of lost wages.
  • Payment for household services that you would have performed yourself.

These benefits are also available to anyone who was lawfully in your vehicle at the time of the automobile accident. If you were a pedestrian struck by a vehicle these no fault benefits will provided by the car that hit you.

To obtain these benefits you have an obligation to cooperate with insurance company providing them. You may be asked to provide a statement about the car accident or submit to a medical exam. In either case insurance company requests and questions should be directed to our Massachusetts car accident lawyers before you submit to these requests.


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A bodily injury claim is made when your injuries are due to the negligence of another driver

Under Massachusetts law you must have at a minimum $2,000.00 in medical expenses to make a claim for bodily injury as a result of your car accident. Once the insurance company of the responsible vehicle has been put on notice we will monitor your case in anticipation of your end medical result. In preparing your bodily injury claim our Massachusetts car accident attorneys will:

  • Obtain and review all of your medical records and bills.
  • Evaluate the severity of your injuries.
  • Review the duration of your pain and suffering.
  • Conduct an investigation of the location and circumstances of the accident.
  • Obtain expert opinion if necessary
  • Speak to and obtain statements from witnesses.
  • Identify all insurance coverage available to satisfy the bodily injury claim.

The bodily injury carrier may ask for a statement from you while conducting their investigation into the circumstances of the accident.  This request should be directed to our Massachusetts car accident lawyers.  Once you have achieved an end medical result your claim must be evaluated for a demand for settlement.   To calculate a value for your particular case our attorneys must consider many factors including:

  • Pain and suffering inflicted due to your injuries.
  • Extent, severity and permanency of your injuries.
  • Lost wages not covered by no fault insurance.
  • Medical bills not covered by no fault insurance.
  • Any co-pays, prescription costs and other related expenses that are outstanding.

We will keep you up to date and informed about your case at all times. We will discuss any offers made by the insurance company with you and take the time to answer any questions you may have so can make an informed decisions about your claim.

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