If you’ve been hurt at your job, you may be wondering if you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer. Here are 11 reasons you absolutely should.

Across the United States each year, hundreds of thousands of injured workers file workers’ compensation cases in their state. You may have heard about the benefits of workers’ comp to help get you back on your feet and collect lost wages if you were hurt on the job. But, to understand the complexities of workers’ comp cases, trials, and medical evaluations, it is important to hire a workers’ comp lawyer.

Workers’ comp lawyers have the acumen and specialized experience to navigate trials, present your case at state board meetings and work with your medical records to reach a settlement. Workers’ compensation is an important effort put forth by the U.S. Department of Labor that protects injured workers.

Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or worry your injury could have lasting effects on your career, a workers’ comp case can get you the settlement you deserve. This can eliminate future financial strain and related stress. Read on to discover why you may need to hire an attorney.

1. Employer Denial

Besides many other factors, one of the main components of a workers’ comp case involves your injury taking place in the workplace or while performing work duties. If your employer denies those injuries happened in the workplace or you face any other form of employer resistance or retaliation, you need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. A lawyer can help prove that your injury happened in the workplace.

They can also help confirm your employment in front of the courts. Attorney’s research skills and dedication to their clients will help you to quickly replace your lost wages even when your employer doesn’t cooperate.

2. Changes in Employer Behavior

Injuries happen. And as an injured employee, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim and collect lost wages. Losing an employee or having an injured employee on staff may cause some employers stress or aggravation.

These emotions can change the employer’s behavior. And they may even take out aggression on their employees. For example, as a result of your injury, you may receive threats about returning to work.

Or, you may suffer forced termination.  If your employer acts in this way, an attorney can collect this data as part of your workers’ comp information on file. A lawyer can help protect your claim and employment security during this trying time.

3. You’re Confused or Overwhelmed by the Filing Process

Understanding legal jargon and the steps of filing your workers’ compensation claim can feel like a fruitless endeavor. You may feel confused by the filing process and don’t know where to begin. Let a professional attorney like Fitzpatrick & Associateshandle this process on your behalf.

With more than 15 years of experience, these attorneys know the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation system. They can explain the process easily and efficiently and will guide you each step of the way. And in the case of a court hearing, your attorney will become your advocate to reach the result you hoped for.

4. Your Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance

By law, your employer may have to pay for and provide workers’ compensation insurance. If you sustained an injury at work and realize that your employer does not have this insurance, you need to hire an attorney. A workers’ compensation attorney will help you understand what benefits or options you may be entitled to.

5. Misaligned Opinions With Your Employer

Your employer may doubt the severity or very existence of your injury. For those reasons, they may find your workers’ compensation case disagreeable or hire their own counsel to dispute your claims.

An attorney can sort through your medical evidence and analyze your situation to support the case in court. This is important to stand up against your employer’s opinions and receive the lost wages you need.

6. You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

Having a pre-existing condition could make particular workers’ compensation claims difficult to navigate. Your employer, medical insurance companies, and even the courts may believe that this pre-existing condition is what caused or worsened your injury.

That can take value away from your claim of injuring yourself on the job. An attorney will evaluate each detail of your medical condition and utilize their skill set to provide evidence that demonstrates your pre-existing condition as unrelated.

7. You Have Excess Medical Bills

As a result of your injury, there could be an excess of medical bills and unforeseen expenses that even medical professionals may fail to note at the beginning. For example, your back injury could cause other illnesses or ailments over time. Or, your insurance company grossly underestimated the cost of your medical expenses and future medical treatment.

You may need surgery now. But in the future, you could require additional treatments or physical therapy to get back to health.

As a result, your lost wage benefits from your claim may not cover all of these expenses. An attorney knows the exact process to calculate your claim and request the appropriate medical coverage.

8. You Were Denied Benefits

Your claim can be denied. If you experienced a denial, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you through the appeals process. You may also experience a delay in benefits.

With an attorney as your advocate, you won’t have to worry about tracking down what you deserve. An attorney knows that most workers’ compensation cases are denied in the first claim. This may happen because the claimant presented their own case or failed to provide important documentation such as medical evidence.

An attorney can backtrack and find out what went wrong. Their experience guarantees your file to be fully prepared with the proper documentation and case action plan to receive benefits.

9. You Received a Reevaluation Request

After receiving your benefits you may think the struggle is over. But, the insurance company of your employer may request a reevaluation. This can find out if your health has improved and or show that your injury is no longer debilitating or present.

Receiving a reevaluation request can feel scary or overwhelming. But, an attorney can help you navigate this surprise and continue to receive the benefits you need.

10. You Need Lost Wages

Did you know that 34% of Americans struggle to cover basic expenses such as food, housing, or car payments? If you have lost your ability to earn money as a result of your injury, paying your bills can become even more taxing and stressful. An attorney understands the dire importance of receiving your lost wages.

Most Americans need to keep working to support their families or pay for these expenses. And for some workers, even a week with lost wages can create dire consequences. You need an attorney who understands the severity of this situation and who will fight to get you the benefits you need to keep going.

11. You Need Support

Sustaining an injury is an emotionally and financially stressful situation. During this confusing and difficult time, you need support.

When you hire a workers’ compensation attorney, they become your advocate. They will get to know you and your specific case needs to find the solution to recoup lost wages or get the support you require.

And, you may even form a lasting relationship with your attorney. So in the future, should you need to revisit your claim or have a family member who requires these services, you have a trusted resource.

A Longterm Partnership

When hiring a law firm, you can choose to work with an attorney who you trust and feel in alignment. Over time, this relationship becomes a successful partnership.

Because there is a high degree of variation in workers’ compensation claims, your case could take some time to sort through. During these months or even years, you need to work with an attorney who supports you each step of the way.

Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer for the Best Case Outcome

A workers’ comp lawyer is essential to navigating the complexity of your case, making a claim, or dealing with the aftermath. Attorneys like Fitzpatrick & Associates offer a free case evaluation.

So, if you have experienced any of these situations or have other questions about your case, you could benefit from their legal advice. The team uses a three-step process to gather information about your case:

  • Step 1: Attorneys gather information about you and your potential case
  • Step 2: Attorneys learn more about your treatment
  • Step 3: Attorneys create an action plan and decide on a way forward

Would like to learn more about hiring a workers’ compensation attorney? Contact Fitzpatrick & Associates to receive your free case evaluation and learn more.